Mont Buet from Sixt Fer à Cheval

Ridge to summit, originally uploaded to Flickr.

This is a beautiful two day hike up the trekking peak of Mont Buet from near the town of Sixt Fer à Cheval (near Morzine and not far from Chamonix) best suited for strong hikers. Mont Buet can also be accessed from Chamonix, but going via the Cirque des Fonts in Sixt Fer à Cheval, especially in autumn, is another experience altogether – involving a breathtaking ridge-line climb.

The first night was a relatively short ascent with 1050m of height gain to a mountain hut above Sixt at 1950m altitude where we enjoyed some cold beers, a lovely meal and warm beds.

The second day is the longest and started with breakfast at the hut, and was 1140m of height gain, with large amounts of ridge traversing and beautiful vistas across the Cirque des Fonts.

We had lunch on top of Mt Buet and then started our return journey with 2200m of height loss. We saw a large number of ibex dashing around in the cliffs during our descent.

The last day could be turned into two days to be less exhausting, adding a stay in a beautiful refuge in the Cirque des Fonts turning this a three day hike. This is a lovely trek in the autumn when the leaves are turning colours.

Cirque des Fonts

Cirque des Fonts, originally uploaded to Flickr.

This year we went up Mont Buet in mid-September and the scenery and tree foliage was amazing with bright blue crystal clear skies, and the route was not crowded. There were a few late blooming alpine flowers on view, and we also managed to see a family of ibex.

There is a bit of an airy scramble using chains to ascend the ridge-line to the summit of Mont Buet, which is 3096m (sometimes also quoted as 3098, 3099 or 3100m) in altitude. The route also gave us an opportunity to view first-hand the effects of global warming, as several of the nearby smaller glaciers marked on the map were already gone or disappearing.

Descent was by a completely different route which loops back to the car park, and has many long downhills, and chances to view ibex perched in the rocks as we descended Mt Buet. From the summit of Mt Buet there were beautiful views for 360 degrees.

This route is often done for acclimatisation before climbing Mont Blanc, as part of other multi-day tours in the region. It is easily enjoyed as a two to three day hike in its own right when done from this side of the mountain and a one or two day ascent is possible from the Chamonix side.

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The ridge hike to the summit

Cirque des Fonts, originally uploaded to Flickr.

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