Time to think about Alps Hiking trips…

Spring is coming early to the Alps ! The past winter we had below normal snowfall in the French, Swiss and German Alps. The Italian Alps did get normal snowfall. In the Chamonix area, snow has melted in the valley bottom and all the way up to 2000m on the south facing slopes. Spring skiing continues until April 19th for most areas, and until the first week of May at the Grands Montets in Argentiere.

We expect an early Alps hiking season if the warm weather continues. Hut opening dates are usually not affected by early snow melt, but day trips can start earlier and gain more altitude. Think about booking your summer family adventure now !

If you have questions about conditions for your intended route, it is best to check the local huts (call the hut guardian outside of dinner time hours for happier service !). They have the best knowledge of the current conditions in their area. Local knowledge is best !

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